Our Services

Technology has become a vital part of our world. Business or leisure, we rely on our devices for the simplest; and most complex tasks. Maintenance and preventative measures will ensure optimal performance and protection. 

Service Discounts

Student Discount 10%

Seniors Discount 10%

Multiple Device Service Discounts:

  • 2 Devices @ 10% off

  • 3 Devices @ 15% off

  • 4+ Devices @ 20% off


Volume Purchase Discounts

Repairs & Service

Our team members are more than happy to answer any of your questions before, during, and after the repair/service process. We are your place for any repair. Call, email, or book online today for a quote! 

  • Laptop & Desktop hardware repairs

  • Virus detection and quarantine

  • System Tune-up

  • Data Transfer & Backup

  • Overheating resolution

  • Laptop Screen Replacement

  • Full System cleaning

  • Software installation & configuration

  • Miscellaneous Repairs (inquire)

  • See Below for Smartphone Repair


Upgrades & Custom Builds

​Sometimes performance requirements change, look no further than CR for your next upgrade or custom build. Call, email, or book online today for a quote! 


  • RAM upgrades

  • HDD to SSD

  • Custom Builds (any)

  • Increase HDD (capacity)

  • Windows 10 Pro COA upgrade

  • Internal/external Drives

  • CPU & Heatsink upgrades

  • Audio/Video card upgrades

  • Miscellaneous Upgrades (inquire)


Smartphone Repairs

We service all Smartphones, 1-hour service. Call, email, or book online today for a quote! *Some models will vary repair duration*


  • Cracked Screens

  • Faulty Home Buttons

  • Charge ports

  • Speakers

  • Miscellaneous Repairs



We buy various Smartphone models


Drones Services

CR Computers, Phones & Drones


We offer Drone repairs on all types of drones.

DJI, Parrot, Yuneec, Skydio, GoPro, Hubsan, Sky Viper, and many more.

We repair from motor replacement, Gimbal repair, Shell/body replacement, software issue or firmware update, and any kind of damage caused by a crash.

Drone Videography, Photography, and other drone services.



**Call or email us for any unlisted options**

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